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July 22, 2013
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Tmntr63 Missing The Point by chochi Tmntr63 Missing The Point by chochi
It's all fun and grenade launchers until someone loose a leg :la:
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i used to watch tmnt as a kid and i loved it. seeing them in this style intrigues me. its a brilliant picture, you've captured their characteristics in a few lines, which personally i find very hard to do, and the proportions and body language would tell more than the words if it didnt have speech bubbles. michealangelo looking very bombastic, rapheal looking dominating, leonardo looking over at michealangelo looking fed up with his stupidity and donatello looking very closed in very shy. all in all very well done i applaude you good sir. originality a 4 because alot of people have done it before. impact a 5 because of the range in personality. like ive said your proportions are perfect and your art style is awesome, just ink, and technique a 4 and a half because lots of people use just black and white but to get it right, thats different.
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Looking over this picture I can't help but notice that you've taken a basic 'gender-reversal' picture and really worked hard at doing more than removing a Y chromosome.
In the past with the male designs it was usually only by color-coding their gear or the dialogue that you really could tell one apart from another. With this one, it's the small touches that really help to divide up the characters.
Leonardo has a lean gymnast's build, her eyes ending in lashes that swoop upwards, suggesting more classic 'Asian' features. Her mask's tassels have only small signs of wear and tear indicating the danger of her fighting with blades but having enough skill to avoid serious injury.
Donatello's wide expressive eyes end in slight upward eyelashes that are more hook-like, and her mouth is missing a tooth. Her own form is slender and yet doesn't look as agile as Leo's. The way she stands sort-of huddled into herself and cradles her weapon in her hands betrays her insecurity to give voice to her having hobbies that her sisters do not share.
Raphael has the heaviest build in sheer muscle. Everything about her body language and design says that she is not afraid to get up close and make things personal. Scars, healed cracks in her shell, the ripped tassels on her mask, even the way her eyes end in a nearly horizontal point of eyelashes as she narrows her eyes as a result of Mikey's antics.
Michelangelo's design really adds a new dimension to the character. Carefree and light on the thinking, she stands in a fairly carefree and expressive manner, without doubt or anger or even control. She comes across as a someone who is in it just for the fun. Her eyes are wide and expressive, ending in multiple eyelash points, and the freckles add to her cuteness . One thing I note is that her body is the curviest of her teammates, still athletic but more like a cheerleader. No doubt this bouncy bubbly version of Mikey got this from indulging in her slightly hedonistic love of Pizza.
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woww!!!sexy turtles!!!!!!
Jacobellinger Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I would watch this; I would watch the hell out of this.!!
Personalmente yo habría dibujado a MichelangelA algo menos voluptuosa =P ,me cuadra más con su personalidad infantil, pero igualmente te han quedado geniales!!
calufrax Mar 2, 2014  Student Writer
Is this concept art for the Micheal Bay version?
DigRat Feb 6, 2014  Professional General Artist
As much as I love this, I kind of have a problem with their boobs all being super differently sized.. and I'm noticing stereotypes, like Mikey has the biggest boobs. Of course. 

Still great artwork though! Great job!
animedarkness Feb 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
i love them so much better then the male TMNTs xD
all of this and the others :heart:

why couldnt they have made it like this??? I would still be watching the show now and im sure many would too xD
Jacobellinger Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
well you see, back in the late 80's. advertising executives had not caught on yet that the 10 to 15 year old male demographic had one thing in common. they both appreciate sexy women. So instead they played it like it was still the 1950's and where all like "boys play with action figures, and not dolls" exc.  And now they can't or should I say WON'T 'damage' there toy line and show image by rebooting it like this. 
And as unlikely as this sounds, I know for a fact that a bunch of whiny fanboys are out there who would scream murder if something like this was ever done.
animedarkness Mar 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I guess so o.o -blinks-

so smart
Ok, I'm not that fan of the r63 with the turtles, 'cause usually people only do it because boobs, and well... female turtles don't have boobs, male and female turtles are fairly alike. But you're preserving their characters even when it's only an ilustration, I really like the spirit you're givin them :3
I've seen other versions of gender bent turtles and this is one of the best ones so far, great work! I especially like the poses and details of them it's very thought out and in character.
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